Clean Water for the

Yawanawa People

Active Fundraising campaign by Curawaka

by Curawaka, WaterNow, Mose & Nixi Music

One of the greatest needs in the Yawanawa village Mutum is access to clean drinking water. The community has gotten all its drinking water traditionally from the river Rio Gregorio, but due to the cities and industries that are getting closer, the rivers are polluted and not safe to drink. The Brazilian government has provided a well for the villages, but the supply is limited and the water is not at all clean enough to meet proper standards of drinking water. We wish to give the Yawanawa people of Mutum a hand with improving their quality of water and thus their standard of living.


In order to install the same infrastructure as they did in the Huni Kuin village, we need to raise around 40.000 euros. We will do our best to share this campaign wide and far to hopefully be able to gather the funds necessary to be able to install a state of the art sustainable water infrastructure in Mutum.

We have been incredibly lucky on the project to be supported by the amazing artist and DJ Mose, who has made for the occasion a remix of the song «Te Nande», recorded by Curawaka, which they learned during their time spent with the Yawanawa tribe of Mutum, also featured on our album «Call of the Wild»

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