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International Projects

Meet the Communities Supported by WaterNow

NOV 2019-2021

Huni Kuin, Boa Vista Clean Water Project

Women in the Huni Kuin tribe, in order to obtain water for drinking, cooking and other household needs, spend hours every day walking to water sources and carrying heavy loads uphill – often several times a day. Even then, the water is often contaminated or only treated with chlorine, which has a number of adverse health effects, including: mild gastroenteritis, severe and even fatal diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis and typhoid fever. Contaminated water can also be the source of large outbreaks of disease, including cholera, dysentery and cryptosporidiosis.

WaterNow received $42,000 in charity funding from Apple Inc. in September 2019 to be used toward this project. 

WaterNow traveled to Brazil in Dec. 2019- Jan. 2020 and used these funds to implement a brand new clean water system for the Huni Kuin tribe, including: one deep water well, a holistic water system, five purification filters, four water drinking stations, a sanitation system, and solar pumps with panels. 75% of the project was completed, but was forced to halt construction due to the emerging Covid19 pandemic. The project is still on hold, and we plan to return to complete the initiative once the green light is given from the indigenous community and local authorities.

 Sept. 2019- 2021

Habitat for Humanity Egypt Partnership

“WaterNow responded to a call from the Director of Habitat For Humanity Egypt (HFHE), a part of Habitat for Humanity International: “Habitat Egypt started work in 1989, as a result of the efforts made over 30 years, Habitat Egypt has helped 38,000 families in 40 communities to date to have decent, simple, healthy and affordable houses, get access to water, and sanitation. The target beneficiaries are people with low income, vulnerable and marginalized groups.”

WaterNow met with HFHE and partnered with them to provide clean water filters  for their developing housing projects. As water from the Nile River has been contaminated beyond the point of drinkability, the communities are in dire need of water filtration solutions. Due to years of drought in the region, rainwater catchment was not feasible, making water filtration the top candidate for widespread clean water usage, which will inevitably replace plastic water bottles as the only alternative. The first phase of construction has been successful, with phase two planned for winter 2022, when we will install hundreds more filters for regenerative water and housing systems.

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! They have commendable talent in their fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. An amazing experience!

Mark Levin

“Little Big Medicine Community, I would give gratitude to WaterNow.Inc. You have given this community purified water system that will be used for the next twenty years plus! It is the first water filtration system within this community. This project has shown what is possible with rain catchment systems and storage tank with a filtration system and pump has given this community kitchen potable water safe to drink and cook with. We are very thankful, WaterNow, you have helped another native group with running water in this remote setting. Teaching and opening the eyes of hope for future generations is great work! I am happy to be the first to say, Thank You very much in seeking and helping where help is needed. Alternative resources is the easy to go!”

On behalf of Lower Wheatfields Az. Navajo (Dinè):From Chief Danny John’s community, bless you WaterNow!

It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were all helpful in answering questions and made me feel at ease. The design ended up being better than I could've envisioned!

Jeff Gemmell

Clean water initiative for Diné Wheatfields Community

In this Navajo (Diné) Nation community in Wheatfields Lake, Arizona, approximately 1,000 people experience poor quality drinking water. There’s an abundance of sacred traditions around water, yet a lack of water flow has caused lake reservoirs to dry up, and the main water source is full of contaminants that have resulted in illnesses in the community.

Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

“WaterNow responded to a call for clean water from the organizers of Meadows in the Mountains in the Rhodop Mountains of Bulgaria. Billed as a conscious art and film festival, the gathering brings crowds of over 3,000 individuals annually; during previous festivals, hundreds of people fell ill due to bacteria and parasites coming originating in the water tanks. WaterNow triaged the situation by installing a UV water filter, a 3-stage purification system, and multiple water hydration stations. The sustainable system saved the festival 12,000€ in plastic consumption, as well as labor hours spent hauling water, in addition to creating chemical-free water that received many accolades and will prevent future outbreaks.”

Dec. 2017

Lake Bacalar, Mexico

“In December of 2017, WaterNow responded to a call from the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, located on the eastern part of the Yucatán Peninsula. In 2015 Mexico’s environmental protection agency issued an urgent call for local authorities to stop sewage and waste discharge into the fresh-water lake of Bacalar. In response to this crisis, WaterNow installed a 3-stage water purification system and UV filter system to address the bacteria contamination, drastically impacting the health and longevity of the community surrounding the lake.”

April-May 2017

The Green School, Bali, Indonesia

“In collaboration with the Bali Water Protection Program (IDEP), WaterNow traveled to Indonesia to consult on water turbine technology and present an educational water workshop at The Green School Bali. This partnership allowed us to support for the school’s program of building rehabilitated wells to stop saltwater intrusion.”

Dec. 2017


WaterNow raised $7k for the Huni Kuin tribe which went to state-of the art water filter systems (restructuring and 7 stage purification), solar, water storage tanks, rainwater catchment, travel, tools to dig their well deeper, submersible pump and a water drinking station.  We have kept in touch and heard their system is still functioning well.

May- July 2016


WaterNow raised approximately $12,500 for Standing Rock reservation, which went to providing and installing water filter units such as UV for sterilization, and restructuring units, transportation of material, and green energy systems such as wind turbine and mobile batteries for power and WIFI boosts.  The project was completed within a 2 month timeframe, and the Tribe and visitors send reports back of gratitude and success.

Dec. 2017


Heartland is an ecological community located in Grass Valley, California. They requested and collaborated with WaterNow to install a regenerative water system with structured water to their picturesque land. WaterNow installed structured water units, storage tanks, and UV light disinfection to bring clean activated pure water to the community.

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