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WaterNow Sustainable Services

We implement impactful and scalable solutions which are uniquely designed to fit every specific need. Every solution is focused on both conserving water and purifying existing water sources, which inevitably results in unprecedented savings for all of our customers and partners.

Humanity is at a crossroads in terms of climate change, water pollution, resource preservation and environmental regeneration. The time for implementing positive solutions is clearly NOW, and we are here to support this paradigm shift, with years of experience to support this mission.

Water Filtration

WaterNow uses a number of technologically advanced approaches to recycle, reuse, and filter contaminated water. These systems are the way of the future and can make any business, residence, or municipality more efficient while also preserving underground aquifers and water supplies, naturally reducing energy costs and resource usage.

Rainwater and Greywater

Recycling water is surprisingly uncommon, yet it can save 50-80% of the overall water used by a home or establishment. In addition to treating and recycling greywater in order to minimize virgin water usage, WaterNow advocates for the catchment and utilization of rainwater, one of the most underused resources worldwide. A recognized partner of ARCSA, the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association, WaterNow advocates installing rainwater catchment systems whenever possible because of their efficacy: just one inch of rain on a 1,000 sq. ft. roof can yield 1,000 gallons of useable water which, depending on the climate, could provide between 50-100% of the water needed for a family of 4. 


Wastewater and sanitation is vital to a healthy community yet two BILLION people still lack this basic necessity, and many developing cities such as Tulum in Mexico don’t have a centralized sewer system.  We partnered with Aquabella (™) to use cutting-edge enzyme technology that cleans wastewater naturally, removing BOD & Nitrates. It is an inexpensive, easily installed system that yields incredible results.  For more information, please visit Aquabella Organics  

Alkalized or restructured Water Add-ons

As a final stage of water activation, we recommend a water structuring unit or alkalizing unit. These systems provide the highest possible energetics for your water, converting ‘dead’ water into a recharged molecular structure and increasing hydration, health, digestion, skin, and energy.  We are distributors for both Crystal Blue restructuring units and Kangen machines. For more information, please visit Crystal Blue Water Solutions and

Filter technology

3-Stage Whole Building Activated Carbon Block

  • Oversized filters improve flow rate & reduce maintenance frequency
  • Purification – Removes up to 95% of sediment, rust, chlorine, heavy metals, VOC’s, +  contaminants that contribute bad tastes and odors
  • Replaceable Dual Density Gradient Sediment Filter produces higher filtering and dirt up to 1 micron of filtering holding capacity.    Avg. 15 year lifetime
  • 400,000- Liter capacity replaceable carbon filter housing provides a full year of drinking water for up to 10 units
  • NSF filter housings with 2.5 cm ports allow the strongest possible water pressure – up to 60 LPM Flow Rate ( 3 garrafón bottles)


  •  Removes 99.99 % of bacteria, parasites, and e-coli without using chemicals  
  •  Replaceable UV LAMP after 6 months to 1 year – comes with 2  years replacement 
  •  Easy maintenance and installation  
  •  Commercial rating- 12 gpm= 50 L/min  = 3,000 L/ Hr. 
  •  Rated for up to 10 apartments usage  
  • Other larger sizes available for hotels up to 100 rooms

Large size Water Filters

  • Commercial/Industrial Reverse Osmosis System that produces 40,000 – 200,000 liters per day or more.Membranes: (6, 8 or 10) 4″ x 40″ TFC HF1 Membranes, for maximum rejection of impurities and high flow.Removes All Chemicals , Bacteria and Minerals. Remineralization needed.  Same as installed at Papaya Playa Project 
  • Commercial Salt-free Water Softener
    • Softens water up to 1000g/ml (standard is 150 ppm)
    • Salt-free technology
    • Self-regeneration
    • Better taste and texture