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“The generosity of our funding partners makes our work possible, bringing us closer to achieving our vision of safe water and sanitation for all.”
Nicole Wickenhauser
Director of Strategic Alliances

Solving the global water crisis requires teamwork

We are fortunate to work with partners – foundations, financial institutions, and brands – who share our passion and vision. Together, we are changing lives with safe water in 13 countries around the world.

Our partnerships come in all shapes and sizes — from multi-year grants to consumer-facing campaigns. There are a variety of ways we can partner to help us both achieve our goals and make more possible for families living in poverty.

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Corporations, foundations and individuals provide critical funding to change lives with safe water.


Financial institutions and other partners in the countries where we work lend for water and sanitation, helping those in need in their own communities.


Global partners representing development finance institutions, agencies and governments help us expand financing for water and sanitation.

Provide funding to change lives

Donations and grants from corporations, foundations and individuals are critical to changing lives with safe water. Access to safe water improves health, empowers women, increases family income and increases access to education. Access to safe water changes everything, and you can make that possible by providing funds to

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Lend for water and sanitation

Our local and regional partners are the key to our work. These financial institutions and water service providers are critical to implementing programs and expanding access to affordable financing for safe water and sanitation. We provide them technical assistance and training to lend for water and sanitation. Thanks to their real-time problem solving and understanding of local market needs, we can reach more people. These partnerships are a win-win, strengthening their business and helping to end the cycle of poverty in their communities. We currently have 151 partners and are evaluating new markets and partner organizations.

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Vedika Bhandarkar,’s Chief Global Impact Officer, leads the conversation about financing for water and sanitation at Stockholm World Water Week.

Expand financing for water and sanitation

Representing governments, sector institutions, development finance institutions and other organizations at a systems-level, our global partners are leading the dialogue that is making large-scale change happen. We work with them to help influence public policy and practice changes that help increase the flow of capital for water and sanitation solutions. Together, we are removing the financial barriers that stand between people in need and access to safe water and sanitation.

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Brands making a big impact

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