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Clean Water for the

Yawanawa People Phase I

Active Fundraising campaign by Curawaka

Phase I completed: Clean water for the Mutum Yawanawa village

Thanks to your help, in July 2022 we completed Phase I of the project:

  • 9,182 people in Aldeia Mutum now have a community kitchen drinking station that continuously serves clean and soft drinking water.
  • $25,235 was the total funding received by our amazing supporters
  • 250 donors supported the Water is Life campaign on gogetfunding
  • 5 donors played a major role in the execution of the project
  • $25,434 were the project cost in total

9,182 people* will be served over the next 30-50 years

250 donors / 4 major donors

3.19 million liters of clean drinking water are now provided in Aldeia Mutum per year.

We installed the state of the art – 4 phase water filter system

*Calculated based on the conservative  assumption that 300 festival / visitors will go to the village per year. 300×30=9000 + 182 permanent residents (assumes their population will remain the same).

"Water Is Life" Impact Report

Transparency is important to us, and we know it’s important for you too. We have made accessible the impact report of the ‘Water is Life’ water project for the Yawanawa people in Aldeia Mutum, a collaboration between Curawaka and

What you can expect from this report is:
????An introduction to the Yawanawa people
????Our team, the journey of the project
????Technical details of the water installation
????How we manage education and integration
????Measurable impact
????Phase II

Read our Impact Report

From the more than 250 incredible supporters to the 3 major donors who shared not only funds but also their love for the forest and its people. From the excitement of collecting materials in Cruzeiro do Sul, to the breathtaking 6,5 hr boat trip on the Rio Gregório river.

We were welcomed greatly by the Chief and treated as family, with a level of gratitude that serves as an example forever. All prayers for clean water led to a smooth installation process, with a construction team of skilled local workers that did an amazing job.

Installing the filtered drinking water station

Having clean water to drink is the most basic need for human health. Installing a 4 stage water filter system is not only changing the health conditions of 182 people, it is also giving a new perspective for future development of the whole community. The Yawanawa people are serving the world as wisdomkeepers and guardians of the Amazon rainforest.

We are endlessly thankful for the inclusion that we felt in being part of their daily lives and traditions, and we are ready to act as their water partner. We want to thank everyone who was part of this amazing journey and who played a role in the impact made. We will continue doing this together. Thank you!

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Measurable impact

To demonstrate what we have done, below quantitative data show the impact for the Yawanawa people of Aldeia Mutum since we installed the filtered drinking water station. 

1 min and 15 sec

is the time to fill a 5 gallons water bottle

500 Yawanawá and their guests enjoyed clean drinking water

During the Yawanawa Music Festival & the birthday of Matsini Yawanawa on July 15 to 21, 2022

3 extra water stations

Were built in the community centers

8 cups is what the average person per day

Equaling to 1/2 gallon per day and 182.5 gallons per year

9 Team members

From Curawaka and WaterNow worked passionately to make this happen

2 leaks around the previous water system were solved

Which saves 10,2 gallons of water leaks per day and 3,723 gallons per year

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