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Huni Kuin, Boa Vista

Clean Water Project

Phase I completed: Clean water system for the Huni Kuin tribe

WaterNow received $42,000 in charity funding from Apple Inc. in September 2019 to be used toward this project. 

WaterNow traveled to Brazil in Dec. 2019- Jan. 2020 and used these funds to implement a brand new clean water system for the Huni Kuin tribe, including:


One deep water well

Five purification filters

Four water drinking stations

A holistic water system,

A sanitation system

Solar pumps with panels

Clean water for the Huni Kuin

In 2016 WaterNow did the first project in the Amazon rainforest. Then we went back in 2019 for the Huni Kuin.

Women in the Huni Kuin tribe, in order to obtain water for drinking, cooking and other household needs, spend hours every day walking to water sources and carrying heavy loads uphill – often several times a day.

Even then, the water is often contaminated or only treated with chlorine, which has a number of adverse health effects, including: mild gastroenteritis, severe and even fatal diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis and typhoid fever. Contaminated water can also be the source of large outbreaks of disease, including cholera, dysentery and cryptosporidiosis.

Donate for phase II

75% of the project was completed, but was forced to halt construction due to the emerging Covid19 pandemic.

The project is still on hold, and we plan to return to complete the initiative once the green light is given from the indigenous community and local authorities.

Our story - Phase I

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