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WaterNow is a dual-enterprise organization, creating water sustainability solutions for our clients through the WaterNow LLC, and bringing clean water to indigenous communities throughout the world via our 501c3 non-profit.

WaterNow 501(c)(3) Sustainable Services

Scalable, replicable technological approaches

Impactful Solutions

WaterNow prioritizes project solutions with immediate impact, focusing on improving both water quality and resource management

High-Quality Water

Technological solutions to improving water quality include: 7-stage water filtration systems from carbon filters to UV light treatment, solar pumps, water well rehabs, sanitation systems, and community hydration stations

Economic Sustainability

Every system we offer is designed to save capital, both financial and natural, creating a win-win result for our clients’ balance sheets and their environmental footprint. We do this by implementing project-based solutions in partnership with our suppliers and clients

Sustainability Consulting

We implement impactful and scalable solutions

Using technologies such as filtration, reusability and rainwater catchment systems, we drastically improve water quality and minimize water waste and pollution, while helping businesses save in utilities, service and operational expenses. Our designs and systems pay for themselves in savings.

Our mission is to help our clients and stakeholders achieve long-term environmental and economic sustainability in all matters relating to water.

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Long-term environmental and economic sustainability

WaterNow partners with multiple top-of-the-line water sustainability system manufacturers as an engineer and distributor to ensure the best fit for your establishment.

We provide clean, structured, and chemical-free water through our filtering systems as well as water usage efficiency systems to businesses and private residences.

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