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Clean Water for the

Yawanawa People Phase II

Active Fundraising campaign by Curawaka

Phase I completed: Clean water for the Mutum Yawanawa village

In 2023 we plan to go back to the Brazilian Amazon to complete phase II:

Serve not only 182 but 1200 Yawanawa people

More powerful solar system

Create salary for a water system maintenance worker

Bring water filters for other houses in Aldeia Mutum and neighboring villages

Roll out a trash recycling environmental program

Create salary for a trash worker

Clean water for 1200 Yawanawá people

In 2016 WaterNow did the first project in the Amazon rainforest. Then we went back in 2019 for the Huni Kuin. After this successful 2022 project in the Indigenous Land of the Yawanawá we are looking forward to returning in 2023 for a bigger phase 2.

Our aim is to align with other rainforest organizations, helping them to guard all their lands. WaterNow is ready to play a big role in water solutions in the Amazon as a rainforest water partner.

Donate for phase II

Chief Matsini and leader Tashka Yawanawa (chief of chiefs) want us to come back and install water filters for many other villages. This is an amazing opportunity that we are being asked for and we are very grateful being able to serve with an even bigger impact:

This is a continuation of the vision and work of their ancestors: Matsinis’s father (Raimundo Luis Tui Kuru Ãnihãu Xinã Yawanawa) and grandfather (Tata) the last Shaman of the elders.

Our story - Phase I

Measurable impact

To demonstrate what we have done in Phase I, below quantitative data show the impact for the Yawanawa people of Aldeia Mutum since we installed the filtered drinking water station. 

1 min and 15 sec

is the time to fill a 5 gallons water bottle

500 Yawanawá and their guests enjoyed clean drinking water

During the Yawanawa Music Festival & the birthday of Matsini Yawanawa on July 15 to 21, 2022

2 extra water stations

Were built in the community kitchen

8 cups is what the average person per day

Equaling to 1/2 gallon per day and 182.5 gallons per year

9 Team members

From Curawaka and WaterNow worked passionately to make this happen

2 leaks around the previous water system were solved

Which saves 10,2 gallons of water leaks per day and 3,723 gallons per year

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