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Clean Water for the

Huni Kuin People

Your support matters

This December 2023 we plan to go back to the Brazilian Amazon to complete phase I:

Serve 800 Huni Kuin People

Build two wells

Create salary for a water system maintenance worker

Bring water filters for the eight villages

Roll out a trash recycling environmental program

Create salary for a trash worker

Clean water for 800 Huni Kawa people

In the heart of the Amazon, 800 indigenous people in the eight villages of the Huni Kuin community of Caucho face a daily struggle – a lack of access to clean water. In two villages, the situation is dire – there’s no clean water available at all.

The situation is urgent as the water available to the community is contaminated with bacteria, algae, and parasites. We’re on a mission to travel there this upcoming December. Our mission is to raise $85,000.


The leader of this village reached out to us after witnessing the impact of our mission with the Yawanawá people. Together, we’ve accomplished so much, and now we have an urgent opportunity to extend our life-changing efforts to the Huni Kuin village of Caucho.

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