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Mayan Revitalization Project

(Yucatán peninsula, México)

Providing access to clean water and sustainable systems to local Mayan villages.

Phase I completed: Clean water system

In summer of 2022, WaterNow completed phase 1 of the ‘Mayan Revitalization’ Project. We installed a pilot system of water filtration, a rainwater catchment system, and cleaning solar 'milpa' gardens for a Mayan community in Chemax.

Water Filtration

Rainwater catchment system

Cleaning solar ‘milpa’ gardens

We received this video and update from Matias who lives there: “During these rainy days the rain catcher has been full and works well. My mum uses it a lot to water the plants. She is very grateful”.

This rainwater catchment is helping this community to become self-sufficient with their crops and gardens.

Clean water for the local Mayan communities

WaterNow prides itself on local community involvement and activism with its indigenous neighbors. Since our base is now in Tulum, Mexico ~ this is why we are partnering with local Mayan communities that need access to clean water and sustainable systems.

The ‘Mayan Revitalization’ Project, aims to give back to these villages, one near Valladolid and the other near Muyil.

Donate for phase II

The Mayan community in Valladolid, has only one water well for 750 people, no filtration, and can only used water for 2 hours per day per family.
Our phase 1 project installed water filtration on the household level, more water storage, and rainwater harvesting.

This solution will help them to stop drinking toxic water and to be self sufficient with their crops and gardens.

This local Mayan For the children of this Mayan community, having access to clean and safe water means better health, more opportunities to attend school, and having the chance to just be a kid!

If you wish to support us to bring more clean water solutions to more Mayan villages (Phase II in the summer of 2023 with ‘Coalition Culture’ Please Donate Below